Editing, Proofreading and Critiquing Services

Please contact me for more information. Because of ongoing projects, the number of new projects I take on is limited. Email me at writer@lindagauer.com to discuss your needs.

I began my proofreading career in graduate school, working on professors’ research papers before they went to publication. I am one of those annoying pedantic readers who sends corrections to newspaper writers.

My writing has been published in national periodicals, and in a compilation of winning works from Midwest writers’ conferences. My writing has won awards in competitions for fiction, non-fiction and poetry (!). I also won the Bulwar Litton Award, Purple Prose Division.

I am an extremely critical reader of published works, but I can give a gentle and constructive critique of works not yet published. I can improve most writing, but I can’t make the unpublishable, publishable.

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Email me: Writer@LindaGauer.com

“Linda Gauer is a wordsmith who writes, edits and proofreads. With a savant’s grasp of grammar and flair for organization and consistency, Linda’s attention to detail and professionalism is highly effective in all genres.

Linda has been my personal editor for over 9 years. During that time, we’ve worked together on articles and cover stories for peer-reviewed, trade and consumer publications in the U.S. and Europe. In addition, Linda has edited curriculum designs and facilitator guides, pitches and book proposals. We’ve also brainstormed copy for award winning Times Square Super Sign and a children’s allergy storybook, Thomas Meets a Zebra that was the inspiration for Disney’s Mickey and the Giant Kachoo!” C.M. MEd, Director Global Training, Siemens Healthcare

“I’m very happy with your work. You are a big help to me.” M.P., Real Estate Professional


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