I don’t care how old you are, I don’t want to see that.

The AP (THE AP!) has this fab story headlined “Older brides with fancy gowns, garter belts, DJs” By ANNE D’INNOCENZIO. I was thinking the headline writer got it wrong but no, the paid journalist, ANNE D’INNOCENZIO, writes:

Only a few years ago, it was considered in poor taste for a bride over age 55, particularly if she had been previously married, to do things like wear a fancy wedding gown, rock out to a DJ at the reception or have the groom slip a lacy garter belt off of her leg.

Yes, really Read it here.

Maybe I’m a prude but I don’t want to see a groom pulling the lacy garter belt off his bride, no matter what age. A garter I can tolerate.

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