The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury

~The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury
Mr. Khoury –  Stick with Screenwriting

Putting aside the basic premise of the book and the Templar mystery, this book is poorly written and annoying. I wanted my red pencil as I was reading it – poorly constructed sentences, large expository sections that seemed inserted solely to show the writer’s research, characters so illogical they could never have had the careers assigned them. There are so many points in the book where the suspension of disbelief is simply impossible. Oh, the next piece of the puzzle is under this man-made lake? Let’s just put on these handy wetsuits and retrieve it. Oh, it looks like we need to visit Turkey – no passport, no problem, just hop on the plane. The archeologist has some cognitive dissonance about the contents of her 2000 year old find – let’s just get rid of it. Each of the final few chapters ends with a ridiculous cliff-hanger. Maybe it works for TV but it only had me guffawing. Absolutely not worth buying.

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